Hoad Class

Curriculum Overview Spring 1
Curriculum Overview Autumn 2

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1


Welcome to Hoad Class.

This is the Year 1 and 2 Class.

The teachers are Miss K Hodgson and Mrs S Davies

The teaching assistant is Mrs D Rigg

The support assistant is Mrs M Cody

We have our own Library corner for our books where we like to sit and read. We also use the outdoor spaces for our learning.


Our Poems About Colours



What is White? By Asha

White is the pretty snow that falls in the winter,

White is the big fluffy clouds up above you,

White is a tissue that you blow on your nose and very soft too,

White is paper with felt tip pens.

White is a whiteboard where you write with a pen,

White is a lovely colour.

Could you live without it?


Green By Tori

What is Green?

Green is a juicy apple,

Green is wavy, long, tall grass

Green is a jumper as lovely as can be,

Green is a happy tree,

Green is an island,

Green is a big field,

Green is an enmormous hill.


What is Yellow? By Florence

Yellow is the sun that shines really bright,

Yellow is the sunset that comes out at night,

Yellow is a star that shines with a light,

Yellow is the egg yolk that you eat with toast,

Yellow is a yorkshire pudding that you have with a roast.


What is Gold? By Beatrix

Gold is a shiny, sparkling gold coin.

Gold is an olympic champion's trophy glimmering in the sun,

Gold is a sunny sunflower that grows very tall,

Gold is everyone's favourite colour,Gold is a ruler's crown,

Gold is my friend's hair colour


What is Yellow? By Darcey

Yellow reminds me of vanilla ice cream that is smooth, soft and cold,

Yellow is a smooth, yummy, soft and peely banana,

Yellow is the sun shining on the water,

Yellow is the soft, smooth sand,

Yellow is a big show off!


What is Green? By Tess

Green is long, wavy grass,

Green is big, hard broccoli,

Green is a massive tall tree,

Green is the stem of a rose, full of happiness,

Green is a colour that is very light and brings happiness,

Green is my favourite colour, so cute,

Green is a popular colour,

Green is the colour of bananas when they're not ripe,

Green is the colour of ripe leaves,

Green is the colour of the outside of a watermelon,

Green is the colour of my R.E. book,

Green is the colour of my fidget spinner,

Green is the colour of my school pencil pots,

Green is the colour of beans.



‘Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all of their lives.’ Proverbs 22:6

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a secure, happy learning community based upon Christian Values in which each child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

We aim to support the children's developing skills as learners by:

  • Providing a secure foundation upon which individuals can grow into independent, challenged learners.
  • Stimulating active learning experiences,that develop children's awareness of themselves as learners.
  • Valuing every child irrespectve of gender, disability,age, race or culture and ensure that they have an active voice in school and know that their opinions matter.
  • Supporting children in succeeding in their learning and finding opportunities to celebrate their success.
  • Developing skills of independence, co-operation and self- motivation.
  • Contributing to the wider community, both locally and globally.  


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