Curriculum statement for the teaching and learning of Music

At Church walk C.E. Primary School, Music plays an integral and valuable part in school life. Children participate in a variety of musical experiences, which aim to build confidence and give opportunities for personal expression and development. Music is embedded in classroom teaching through strong topic-linked activities and Charanga, a world-leading music teaching and learning platform. The children develop their knowledge of key musical elements, work collaboratively and with creativity. Opportunities are given for whole class music making, as well as listening, group performance and composition. Performance and singing together takes an important role in school life with weekly singing,  daily collective worship and a wide variety of performances throughout the year.
Performances enhance links with the wider community, including Ulverston Voices for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and Carols at the Coro. The junior Choir also go to Young Voices in Manchester. Links with other schools, visits from musicians and hosting workshops widen musical experience and give children the chance to share their love of music and perform together.
Through varied and regular listening activities, our children experience a wealth of historical periods, styles and traditions from around the world. This enables them to reflect on the musical world whilst developing a life-long love and interest in music.
We believe that music is a practical and creative subject which enhances the learning and lives of children. Our children benefit from opportunities to develop musical interests further and excel, through lessons in guitar, flute, clarinet, violin and piano. In addition to extending their knowledge and skills in the classroom, a variety of extra-curricular activities enable our musicians to reach exceptionally high standards.
Music is a unique way of communicating with the power to inspire, move and motivate. This is at the heart of music at Church Walk. The children are given regular opportunities to practise and consolidate their musical skills and expertise, both vocal and instrumental, through listening, composing and performing activities. Performance provides a purpose and demonstrates achievement in other areas, giving the opportunity for self-expression, confidence building and collaboration.
We aim for children to develop a wide musical vocabulary to enable them to describe music and their opinions. By the end of each key stage children know and can describe musical terms, e.g. in reception – loud and soft, fast and slow; in year 1 and 2- beat, rhythm, pulse, pitch, in year 3 and 4 – dynamics, texture, timbre, notation; in year 5 and 6 – duration, structure, drone, tone

Curriculum Approach
Music is taught through a combination of topic-linked activities, Music in the Classroom (Manchester scheme) and Charanga. Topic-linked music enables the children to learn key skills in the context of their current class learning, leading to a greater depth of understanding and interest. There is also much scope for creativity and a gain in cultural and historical understanding. In addition to this Charanga is taught across school – ensuring all key skills are revisited and developed across the Key Stages. Through a combination of these approaches the children are experiencing a wide variety of styles and genres.
Children have access to a wide variety of instruments to enhance practical work. A varied range of percussion instruments enables creativity and choice, class sets of instruments are also loaned periodically to allow effective class music-making.
Music technology is fast moving and this is an area for us to develop in order to enhance learning.
Shared decision making and collaboration are key to composition work. Imagination and creativity is at the heart of music work – understanding the inspiration and talents of composers and valuing self-expression and opinions when composing ourselves.
Through wide and varied listening children gain an understanding of the role music plays in society and the opportunity to reflect and express opinions and emotions. Music enables us to explore other times and cultures.
Sharing Work
Many and varied opportunities are given for children to share their work. Assemblies and performances (both in and out of school) throughout the year are an ideal platform to share achievements and progress. Parents are invited to attend class performances, such as the Greek compositions in Year 3 and 4  or to attend whole school concerts, which aim to showcase the rich variety of musical talent.
Opportunities are given to share composition work within the class and with other classes. Compositions are often recorded to be watched by other classes and provide a model for future years.
Wider Opportunities
Children at Church Walk have a wide variety of opportunities to further develop an interest in music. Individual music lessons and extra-curricular clubs enable our children to become established musicians and singers, and go on to excel at Secondary School. We currently have peripatetic teachers who teach piano, clarinet, flute and violin.
Thoughtful Questioning
Questions woven through the planning for the units of work allow pupils to think deeply and creatively. Subjective questions allow all pupils to feel confident when expressing opinions on music styles and performances. Pupils working towards the learning expectation are supported through careful, structured questioning and peer support.
Local Context
 Well-developed links with the Parish Church, UVHS, care homes and St Mary’s Hospice provide opportunities for the choir and Junior Band to perform to the local community.
Long term Plan for music in Reception
Long term plan for music in Year 1 and 2 (Hoad)
Long Term plan for music in Year 3 and 4 ( Newlands )
Long term plan for music in Year 5 and 6 (Springfield)

By the end of each key stage, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the Music programme of study.
Feedback and written evaluations from children throughout the year show the children enjoy and gain a great deal from musical activities and performances. A comment box gives the opportunity for feedback and requests. School council help to plan activities like our school Christmas CD.
Pupils develop the skills and knowledge to be able to reflect on the musical world whilst developing a life-long love and interest in music. Pupils are able to articulate themselves using musical vocabulary and develop and express musical tastes and opinions. Pupils perform and show their skills and musical knowledge with confidence.
The evidence of skills is clear to see in performances. The confidence and communication skills gained are transferrable to many other curriculum areas and aspects of life.
Much opportunity is given to develop a deeper understanding, skill and love of music both within classroom music and extra curricular activities. Challenges are available, extending the musical skills within the classroom. The Ulverston music festival provides an ideal opportunity for music excellence to be shared.






‘Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all of their lives.’ Proverbs 22:6

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a secure, happy learning community based upon Christian Values in which each child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

We aim to support the children's developing skills as learners by:

  • Providing a secure foundation upon which individuals can grow into independent, challenged learners.
  • Stimulating active learning experiences,that develop children's awareness of themselves as learners.
  • Valuing every child irrespectve of gender, disability,age, race or culture and ensure that they have an active voice in school and know that their opinions matter.
  • Supporting children in succeeding in their learning and finding opportunities to celebrate their success.
  • Developing skills of independence, co-operation and self- motivation.
  • Contributing to the wider community, both locally and globally.  


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